Rwanda Gorilla Tours

Any Rwanda Safari without Rwanda Gorilla Tours is not complete without a visit to the Volcanoes park for Gorilla Tracking as part of Rwanda Gorilla Tours. Here are some top Rwanda Gorilla Tours:

Complete Rwanda Tour

14 Days, 13 nights Rwanda Tour

Complete Rwanda tour visiting all of Rwanda tourist attractions including Akagera park, Nyungwe forest, Lake Kivu and the highlight of Rwanda tour - Gorilla tracking

Rwanda Safari Adventure

7 Days, 6 nights Rwanda Safari

Rwanda Safari adventure starts and end in Kigali with 1 gorilla permit, chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe Forest, canopy walk

Rwanda Tour - Nine days

9 Days, 8 nights Rwanda Tour
Visit Akagera game park in Rwanda for game drives, Nyungwe forest in Rwanda for chimp tracking and the town of Butare and ofcourse the highlight - Gorilla tracking in Volcanoes park.

Rwanda Safari - Eight Days

8 Days - 7 nights Rwanda Safari
Track mountain gorillas in Volcanoes park, hike Nyungwe forest in search of its chimpanzees and white and black colubus monkeys, relax at the the Lake Kivu beach al in Rwanda Safari

Rwanda safari - primates

6 days - 5 nights Rwanda safari - primates
Rwanda safari includes visits to the primates parks of Nyungwe for chimpanzee tracking and Volcanoes park for gorilla tracking experience - 6 Day Rwanda safari.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking and Golden Monkey Trekking

4 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking and Golden Monkey Trekking
Rwanda Gorilla Trekking & Golden Monkey Trekking trip is a chance to track two of Rwanda’s most popular primates.

Rwanda Gorilla Tour and Lake Kivu Safari

5 days - 4 nights Rwanda gorilla tour and Lake Kivu
Spend time on a Rwanda gorilla tour visiting gorillas in Volcanoes park and relaxing in beautiful sandy beaches aplus participating in other optional activities like boat rides in Lake Kivu Rwanda

Two Country Safaris

Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Tour and Wildlife

Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Tour and Wildlife

Rwanda Uganda Gorilla Tour and game safari taking you for two country gorilla trekking in both Volcanoes Park Rwanda and Bwindi national park Uganda plus wildlife viewing in Queen Elizabeth park Uganda. This tour starts and ends in Kigali crossing via the Cyanika border.

Primates of Africa - Uganda and Rwanda Safari

Primates of Africa - Uganda and Rwanda Safari

Forge your way through rainforests for a rewarding discovery of these highly endangered apes, the Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees; they don’t survive in captivity (and less than 700 remain) so you can only see them here. Journey overland through the arresting beauty of Uganda: on game drives, you’ll see elephants, lions, chimps and the land of 30,000 hippos!

Gorilla trek Rwanda and Uganda Game Safaris

Gorilla trek Rwanda and Uganda Game Safaris

Gorilla trek Rwanda and Uganda Game safaris to see gorilas in Volcanoes park, game viewing in Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, Lake Mburo parks to see wildlife like elephants, tree climbing lions, buffalos, kobs and plenty of hippos on a boat cruise the Kazinga channel, Kibale forest to see the chimpanzees.

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Safari Destinations

Zanzibar Beach

Just like Tanzania, Zanzibar is three hours in the advance of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+3). It doesn't operate daylight saving time, and consequently there's no time difference between Zanzibar's summer and winter months.

Discover Uganda

Uganda is a truly “authentic” safari destination - definitely less sophisticated than Tanzania or Kenya in terms of infrastructure and not in the same “big game” league, but equally untouched and as genuine as Africa gets.
Uganda’s gorillas, chimps, birds and the wider range of special-interest attractions (from butterflies to orchids) makes it a perfect match for first timers and seasoned African visitors alike.

Visit Tanzania

Tanzania home to Africa's most dramatic and famous features.  Fantastic wildlife, stunning scenery and idyllic beaches Tanzania is virtually unrivalled in terms of wildlife population and diversity. From the biggest African plains, the Serengeti, to the highest African mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro, to the deepest African Lake Tanganyika.
Pemba offers classic tropical beaches to those wanting to get away from the crowds, whilst the Selous Game Reserve never disappoints those looking for lion and elephant!

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