Ruaha Flycatcher Camp

Lying in the remote region of the Ruaha National park within the Great Ruaha River running alongside, is the Flycatcher Ruaha Camp a prefect location for a memorable stay in the Ruaha Park. The guest tents are all spacious and comfortable with excellent views.  The open dining tent as well has excellent views, allowing you to observe the movement of animals between the savannah and the river bed: elephants, dikdiks, baboons, impalas, giraffes and zebras can be seen here.

While on undisturbed game drives between the Miombo woodlands, the baobab trees and the river you can come across prides of lions, families of the lesser and the greater kudus, big herds of buffaloes, a solitary leopard and with a bit of luck a pack of African hunting dogs!

Ruaha Flycatcher Camp
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