How to obtain Uganda Visa

How to acquire a Uganda Visa

Go to the Uganda visa immigration website
Complete the application form and upload clear copies of current passport, Yellow fever certificate and a passport photo.

Once successfully submitted, applicants await feedback which will be sent electronically through the email address provided by the applicant. If approved, a Visa Approval Letter will be attached. Visitors are required to print and present this Visa Approval Letter together with their valid passport / travel document at the port of entry and pay for it on arrival.

The visa sticker will be printed with your photo and embedded in your passport (passport must be valid at least 6 months) at the arrivals.

Important to note that US dollar bills printed before 2006 are not accepted in East Africa.

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Just like Tanzania, Zanzibar is three hours in the advance of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+3). It doesn't operate daylight saving time, and consequently there's no time difference between Zanzibar's summer and winter months.

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Uganda is a truly “authentic” safari destination - definitely less sophisticated than Tanzania or Kenya in terms of infrastructure and not in the same “big game” league, but equally untouched and as genuine as Africa gets.
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Pemba offers classic tropical beaches to those wanting to get away from the crowds, whilst the Selous Game Reserve never disappoints those looking for lion and elephant!

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