Nga’Moru Wilderness Camp

Nga’Moru Wilderness Camp - Kidepo

Nga’Moru is situated on a hill, and this camp provides breathtaking views of the impressive Narus Valley as well as the savannah plains extending up to the towering Morungole Mountains.

Nga’Moru is found at the border of Kidepo Valley National Park that is situated 320 kilometers north of Kampala the capital city of Uganda. You may choose to fly up to Kidepo from the international Airport in Entebbe and in less than Two hours you will be there, alternatively, you may choose to take an exciting drive by using the Gulu to Kitgum road and in 10 hours you will as well be arriving. A number of the wild animals which often visit the camp include: Elephants, Lions, Hyenas, Zebras and Waterbucks.

Regardless of whether your desire to explore the gorgeous Narus Valley or prefer to go further on to the Kidepo Valley to marvel at its stunning Hot Springs or take a look at a native Karamajong Manyatta, the Nga’Moru Wilderness Camp is the ideal base for your adventure safari!

This is a recently opened lodge facility offers a number of rooms as well as tented facilities. Visitors always immediately fall in love with the ambiance, the surrounding, the sociable as well as helpful staff and the excellence of the Lodging facility. It offers visitors another alternative from a very restricted choice and permits people who wish to spend less money on lodging yet at the same time not relinquish the quality; a wonderful option here with Kidepo Valley Park.


You will find two “Cabanas” each have its private unique and exclusive view of the stunning Kidepo Valley National Park. The Cabanas can house as many as four single beds. The Prices offered at the lodge are full board not including drinks.

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